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Park and Joy: Smart Parking in the city

Searching for a parking space in the city takes time, causes congestion, and pollutes the air. With the digital parking service “Park and Joy” from T-Systems, the whole parking process is going smart.

Much city center congestion is caused by drivers searching for a parking space – wasted time for the occupants, extra gas costs for the driver, unnecessarily polluted air by exhaust fumes, avoidable additional noise for residents and pedestrians. T-Systems is here to help, with a digital parking solution.

The solution

The manufacturer-independent smart parking solution “Park and Joy” is an open marketplace for cities and municipalities. The end-to-end service package from T-Systems covers the entire parking process. The interplay between sensors in public and private inner-city parking spaces and other data sources makes reliable parking forecasts for up to 80 percent of the relevant parking area in Germany possible for the first time.

A smartphone app shows the driver all of the available parking spaces in the city and navigates them directly to their desired destination. When they park the car, the driver sets their desired parking duration in the app and gets a digital parking ticket with just two clicks. Customers pay by the minute via their cell phone bill or by credit card or direct debit.

Advantages for cities and communities

  • More efficient utilization of parking spaces
  • Increase in parking revenues
  • Prevention of illegal parking
  • Reduction of road congestion
  • Reduction of exhaust fumes and noise pollution
  • Increase in the attractiveness of the city for commuters, residents and visitors

Advantages for private car park operators

  • Access to a platform with a high reach
  • New customers
  • More efficient utilization of car parks and parking spaces
  • Increase in parking revenues

Advantages for drivers

  • Save time and gas searching for a parking space
  • Find, book and pay for a parking space – all by app
  • Per-minute billing
  • Digital parking ticket with just two clicks
  • No need to walk to the parking meter
  • Convenient payment by credit card, cell phone bill, direct debit or PayPal

Smartphone with Park and Joy App


Sensors in parking spaces record whether the parking space is available or occupied and transmit the data to the secure Deutsche Telekom cloud via the mobile communications network. Public and private car park operators access the visualized data via a clearly arranged dashboard. The web portal and smartphone app offer a real-time overview of the available parking spaces in the city.


“Park and Joy” will launch in October 2017, initially in Hamburg with the app payment feature. The smartphone app will then be available for free from the App Stores for iOS and Android. From spring 2018 onwards, additional app features, such as the finding feature, will gradually be made available.

T-Systems will be installing sensors in the first parking spaces in Hamburg starting from the end of 2017. In future, “Park and Joy” will not only be available for parking spaces along streets, but also in parking garages and large car parks. The following cities have already signed a letter of intent:

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